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How to Prepare Live Abalone


Live Abalone


  • Set up a work area for opening and trimming the abalone. It’s a messy business. You may want to cover your work surface with newsprint or plastic.
  • Pop open the shell with a heavy knife. Start at the shallow side and work your way around the shell. Be careful to start at the shallow end; otherwise the guts will spill out (gross) and you may touch the meat with the knife and destroy it.
  • Switch to a very sharp knife (if your heavy knife wasn’t your sharpest) and use a graceful circular motion to remove the guts. They’re connected by a small layer of tissue that will come off easily with the circular motion.
  • Trim off the black “lips” and the tough part of the “foot.”
  • Dispose of all the guts and lips immediately. Use double trash bags if possible.
  • Use an all-metal mallet to pound the meat until it is tender throughout. Hold the mallet with one hand and feel the meat with the other. When the meat feels soft all around, you’re done.
  • Cut the abalone into 1/4-inch slices.

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